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Sheridan County, North Dakota Overview

Sheridan County is located in the U.S. state of North Dakota. The county was formed in 1873 and named after American Civil War officer Philip Henry Sheridan (1831–1888). The county seat is McClusky. According to the U.S. Census Bureau of 2016, the county has a population of approximately 1,322 people. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 1,006 square miles of which 972 square miles is land and 33 square miles is water. Sheridan County borders the following counties: McHenry County to the north; Pierce County to the northeast; Wells County to the east; Kidder County to the southeast; Burleigh County to the south and McLean County to the west. Sheridan County has nine zip codes. The zip codes are 58710, 58723, 58430, 58736, 58444, 58341, 58758, 58463 and 58559. The most populated zip code is 58463.

Sheridan County Recorder’s Office Information

In Sheridan County, the county recorder position is combined with the position of the Clerk of Court. County Recorder officers are elected to four-year terms which begin January 1. The County Recorder is also called as the “Land Record Manager.” As the Land Record Officer, the County Recorder keeps a record of each patent, deed, mortgage, bill of sale and any document related to these transactions, insuring a permanent record of property ownership and accurate account of financial responsibilities.

The County Recorder’s Office works with a wide and varied customer base. These customers use the filed and recorded information to document legal instruments, create and/or extend abstracts, conduct land appraisals, locate property lines, draw plats, search ancestry, historical data, heirships, mineral leases, courtroom testimony, UCC/CNS and many other interests. The information which is filed and recorded in the county recorders office is used by the other county officials and the general public and businesses. The real estate record is used by the auditor and treasurer for maintaining the assessment rolls and tax collection.

The duties of the County Recorder are:

  • Maintain a record of all patents, deeds, mortgages, bills of sale, judgments, liens and other instruments required to be filed or recorded in proper books provided for this purpose.
  • Date each document with the date, hour, and minute of when it was filed, the book of records it is recorded in and the page number on which it is recorded.
  • Process all UCC financing statements presented for filing.
  • Prepare a UCC abstract when requested. (fee required)
  • Maintain a reception book, grantor/grantee index and land tract index.
  • Assist the public in finding information.
  • Furnish information contained in financing statements to perfect a security interest.

The complete filing/recording fee schedule of Recorder’s Office can be found in the following link:

The mailing address of the Sheridan County Recorder’s Office is:

P.O. Box 410
McClusky, North Dakota 58463

The physical address of the Sheridan County Recorder’s Office is:

215 2nd St. East
McClusky, North Dakota 58463
Email: kmindt@nd.gov
Phone: (701)363-2207
Fax: (701)363-2953
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Kathy Mindt is the County Recorder/Clerk of Court of Sheridan County. She can be contacted at (701) 363-2207 or emailed at kmindt@nd.gov

Sheridan County Recorder’s Office Staff:

Sylvia Schell, Deputy Recorder
Email: sschell@nd.gov
Phone: (701) 363-2207

Sheridan County Recorder’s Office

Address: 215 2nd St. East McClusky North Dakota 58463
Phone: (701)363-2207

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