North Dakota

Open Public Record Act:

The North Dakota Public Records Statute allows anyone, regardless of where he/she lives, to access and obtain copies of any documentary material of a public entity. Certain records are exempt from this such as records that violate individual privacy, criminal investigation records, records that contain financial account information, and security system plans.

Birth Records:

The North Dakota Department of Health Vital Records Office issues certified copies of birth records for births that have occurred in the state. Only the individual who is named on the record (as long as he/she is 16 years of age) and the parents named on the record are allowed to obtain a certified copy. That is, unless you have a court order or some legal documentation authorizing you to request a copy.

To obtain a certified copy, you will need to submit a completed application form and provide proof of identification such as a driver’s license. In addition, you will be required to pay the appropriate fee – $7 for the first copy, $4 for each additional copy. Orders can be submitted online, by fax, and by mail. You can also submit a request in person.

Marriage Records:

Certified copies of marriage records are not available from the Vital Records office. If you wish to obtain a copy, you will need to visit the county where the marriage license was issued.

Divorce Records:

Copies of divorce records are only available from the county clerk or recorder in the county where the divorce or annulment was granted. If you are not sure which county the divorce was decreed, you can call the Vital Records office at (701) 328-2360 or send an email to

Death Records:

If you wish to search for a record of a death that occurred in the state of North Dakota, you can use the Department of Health’s web application. This allows you to search their entire database for deaths that have been filed with the department. Take note that only deaths that have not occurred in the last 12 months will be included in the index. You can search the database using the last name and/or first name of the deceased, the date of death (or an approximate range), and the county where the event occurred.

Elected Officials:

All the elected officials of North Dakota are listed on the official state website. You can click on the links to the different branches of the government, from the Governor to the various legislators. Each link will send you to the official’s website where you can get more information about the official such as related news and public policies. For example, the link to the Governor’s website shows current news regarding Governor Doug Burgum and his executive orders.

Court Records

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