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Logan County, Oklahoma Overview

Logan County is located in the state of Oklahoma. The county was formed in 1890. The county seat is Guthrie. As of 2013, the county has a population of 44,422. The county has a total area of 749 square miles, 744 square miles of which is land, and 5 square miles is water. The county consists of 15 ZIP codes, with ZIP code 73044 recorded as the one with the largest population. Logan County borders the following counties: Garfield County, Oklahoma and Noble County, Oklahoma to the north; Oklahoma County, Oklahoma to the south; Lincoln County, Oklahoma to the east; Kingfisher County, Oklahoma to the west, and; Payne County, Oklahoma to the northeast.

Logan County Clerk Information

The County Clerk’s office was established by the Oklahoma Constitution and is governed by Oklahoma Statutes. The County Clerk serves as the official record keeper of the county.

The duties of the County Clerk are to serve as:

  • County Recorder: record and maintain all records pertaining to land including deeds, mortgages, liens, oil and gas leases, plats, and other documents. Records are available to the original land patent records issued at the Land Run.
  • County Purchasing Agent: process all county purchase orders and payments as well as all bids.
  • County Payroll: process all payroll, retirement, insurance, federal and state reports for county personnel.
  • Financial Administration:Maintain all financial records and ledgers for all county accounts.
  • Secretary to: Board of County Commissioners, Excise and Equalization Boards, Tax Roll Correction Board.

County Clerk Website:


Oklahoma Statutes require that all instruments (documents) submitted for recording shall:

  • Be an original or certified copy of an original instrument;
  • Be clearly legible;
  • Be in the English language
  • Be properly acknowledged (notarized);
  • Be no larger than 8 1/2″ x 14″ (unless otherwise provided by law);
  • List the mailing address of the grantee, mortgagee, assignee or other designated party to which the instrument is to be delivered after recording;
  • Describe the property by its specific legal description;
  • Provide information necessary for indexing (addition, block & lot (if platted) or section, township & range, with metes & bounds if necessary for location);
  • Be reproducible by equipment used by the County Clerk;
  • Have a top margin of one (1) inch and all other margins at least one-half (1/2) inch;
  • Provide sufficient space to affix documentary stamps, mortgage tax certification, and recording information;(If sufficient space is not provided to affix the stamps and recording information, an additional page shall be attached for this purpose and will be charged the appropriate recording fee).
  • The County Clerk may record it and shall charge the additional fees for nonconforming documents of $25.00 for the first page and $10.00 for each additional page.

Below is the physical address of the County Clerk:

Troy Cole, County Clerk
301 E Harrison
Suite 102
Guthrie, OK 73044
Phone: 405-282-0266

Court Clerk

The primary responsibilities of the Court Clerk are to record, file and maintain the proceedings of the District Court and to maintain books such as trial dockets, case files and journals useful for locating past court proceedings. The Court Clerk keeps summaries of court actions in an appearance docket; maintains case files; collects court fees, fines, costs assessments, and forfeitures; and distributes or expends collected monies.

The Court Clerk issues legal warrants including subpoenas, summons, orders, processes, and writs as allowed by statue. The Court Clerk is also responsible for issuing marriage licenses and other county licenses. The Court Clerk’s office also registers Minister’s Credentials.

The Court Clerk keeps records of all jurors and witnesses in the District Court. If required, the Court Clerk acts as custodian of the County law Library. The Court Clerk works with the County Sheriff’s office in issuing process warrants for them to serve.

The Court Clerk is authorized to administer oaths such as oaths from County Commissioners in condemnation cases.

The Court Clerk must also make regular reports and provide statistical and other information to the Board of County Commissioners, to the Administrative Office of the Courts and to the various entities for which the Court Clerk collects fees. Various monthly, quarterly, and annual reports are required.

The Logan County Court Clerk’s Office utilizes www.oscn.net as the site for case docket and image records. Most cases are public record and are available for viewing online excluding sealed records like juvenile, adoption, guardianship. To search records in Logan County District Court go to www.oscn.net and click on Case Search. Searches may be done by case number or by party name. To search by a partial name, add a “%” after the name that you have.

Most case dockets are viewable, and clicking entries that have the link “Document Available,” will allow you to view and print the documents. If there is not a link for a document or if it says “Document Available at the Court Clerk’s Office,” you will need to contact the Court Clerk for a copy. The documents may be viewable only at the Court Clerk’s Office because of sensitive material or the the protection of the parties in the case.

Logan County Court Clerk is continually working to put more of the archives onto the online system so that they may be accessed. Most civil, criminal, and family domestic cases from 2003 forward are available on OSCN.

They do not perform any record searches over the phone.

Record Search through the Mail

If you do not know a case number there will be a $5.00 records search fee for every 7 years searched, payable by cash or money order. If you would like us to perform a records search, we request that you write a brief but complete explanation of the search information including the names of all parties involved, case type, and date or date range. Provide a list of documents, if any, that are requested and let us know if you will need them certified. Once we have calculated the costs of the documents requested, we will contact you at the contact number or email address that you have provided. Mail requests and payments to:

Logan County Court Clerk
301 E Harrison, Rm 201
Guthrie, OK 73044

Costs for Copies

$1.00 for the first page of a document
$0.50 for each additional page
$0.50 for certification of a document
$5.00 for authentication of copies

Please contact the Court Clerk’s Office at (405) 282-0123 for any question regarding searches and copies. More records are becoming available online daily.

Below is the physical address of the Court Clerk:

301 E Harrison RM 201
Guthrie, OK 73044
Phone: (405) 282-0123
Email: cheryl.smith@oscn.net



When the map image opens, click “Tabular Search” at the top left of the screen.

If you wish to search by account and need the number, call the assessor’s office at 405.282.3509 and we will provide it. All accounts have a nine digit number, beginning with a prefix of 42, as in 420001234. Use as little search information as necessary, since too much can confuse the system if there is an error.

To search by name, insert LAST name first, a comma, then first name, as in Johnson, Joe.

Click “Search.”

Under Search Results, a line of information should load. Click that line. Information will populate to the right.

Click “Assessment Detail” in the lower right corner. A window will appear generating a report. This may take a moment.

Place your cursor at the top or bottom of the report to drag and extend viewing capacity. Scroll to view the entire report. You should be able to print this information.

To view the shape and location of property, click on “Map Image” in the upper left menu bar. The parcel will highlight.

To view information on surrounding properties, click the small round “i” icon on the tool bar at the upper left, then click on neighboring parcels on the map. You can also grab, drag and expand the map.

Records Search:

Below is the physical address of the Assessor:

Tisha Hampton, County Assessor
312 E Harrison
Suite 102
Guthrie, OK 73044
Phone: 405-282-3509
Fax: 405-282-6090

Logan, OK Genealogy and Ancestry Records
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, USA Counties Data File Downloads
Total Ancestries Reported 2005-200941,069
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - United States or American - 2005-20093,629
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Arab - 2005-200914
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - British - 2005-2009156
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Czech - 2005-2009306
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Danish - 2005-200926
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Dutch - 2005-20091,369
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - English - 2005-20093,759
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - European - 2005-2009758
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - French (except Basque) - 2005-20091,115
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - French Canadian - 2005-200983
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - German - 2005-20097,387
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Greek - 2005-200913
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Hungarian - 2005-200947
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Irish - 2005-20095,623
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Italian - 2005-2009480
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Lithuanian - 2005-200947
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Norwegian - 2005-2009188
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Polish - 2005-2009575
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Portuguese - 2005-20090
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Russian - 2005-200937
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Scotch-Irish - 2005-2009864
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Scottish - 2005-2009714
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Slovak - 2005-20090
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Subsaharan African - 2005-2009141
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Swedish - 2005-2009243
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Swiss - 2005-2009194
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Ukrainian - 2005-200934
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Welsh - 2005-2009218
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - West Indian (excluding Hispanic groups) - 2005-2009273
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Other Groups - 2005-200912,409
Logan County Marriage License Office
In order to obtain a marriage license in Logan County, the applicants must apply together, in person, at the County Clerk’s office. Both parties must present their state-issued picture ID, military ID, or passport, and know their social security number
State Law:Marriage – Title 43 and Restoration of Maiden or Former Name-Alimony-Property Division – Title 43, §121
All State Statutes: Information is online at the State Website
Office:Logan County Marriage License
Location:301 East Harrison, Room 201, Guthrie, Oklahoma, 73044

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