Lookup Public Records in Rio Arriba CountyNew Mexico. Including Vital Birth and Death Records, Deeds, Probate, Property Records, Mortgages, Liens, Judgments, Marriage Licenses, Voter Registrar, Payroll, Military Discharges.

Rio Arriba County, New Mexico Overview

Rio Arriba County is located in the U.S. state of New Mexico. The county was formed in 1852 and named after its location on the upper Rio Grande. The county seat is Tierra Amarilla. According to the U.S. Census Bureau of 2016, the county has a population of approximately 40,040 people. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 5,896 square miles of which 5,861 square miles are land and 35 square miles are water. Rio Arriba County borders the following counties: Taos County to the east; Mora County to the southeast; Santa Fe County to the south; Los Alamos County to the south; Sandoval County to the south; San Juan County to the west; Archuleta County, Colorado to the north and Conejos County, Colorado to the north. Rio Arriba County has 35 zip codes. The zip codes are 87510, 87511, 87412, 87515, 87516, 87518, 87520, 87521, 87522, 87523, 87012, 87013, 87527, 87528, 87530, 87531, 87532, 87533, 87017, 87537, 87539, 87029, 87551, 87548, 87419, 87566, 87549, 87554, 87046, 87575, 87577, 87578, 87581, 87582 and 87064. The most populated zip code is 87532.

Rio Arriba County Assessor’s Office Information

The Rio Arriba County Assessor is charged with the duty of assessing all parcels fairly and equitable throughout the county. The Assessor is also responsible for maintaining current and correct records and maps for all parcels in Rio Arriba County. The Assessor maintains computerized tax records of all property owner accounts. To access Rio Arriba County Property Records online, visit the following link:

Rio Arriba County Assessor’s Office Website:

The mailing address of the Rio Arriba County Assessor’s Office is:

P.O. Box 277
Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico 87575

The physical address of the Rio Arriba County Assessor’s Office is:

Rio Arriba County Courthouse
7 Main Street
Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico 87575
Email: lvaldez@rio-arriba.org
Phone: (575) 588-7726 or (575) 588-7864
Fax: (575) 588-7374
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Española Sub Office
1122 Industrial Park Road
Española, New Mexico 87532
Phone: (505) 753-7019 or (505) 753-3382
Fax: (505) 753-3760

Levi Valdez, Jr. is the County Assessor of Rio Arriba County. He can be contacted at (575) 588-7726 or (575) 588-7864 or emailed at lvaldez@rio-arriba.org

Rio Arriba County Assessor’s Office Staffs:

Josie Valdez, Deputy Assessor
Email: jvvaldez@rio-arriba.org

Brenda Eyman, Secretary IV/Livestock
Email: bceyman@rio-arriba.org

Donnamae Valdez, Secretary IV
Email: dbgarcia@rio-arriba.org

Amanda Ulibarri, Mapper/Draftsperson III
Email: alulibarri@rio-arriba.org

Tatum Terrazas, Appraiser IV
Email: tlterrazas@rio-arriba.org

Patrick Samora, Chief Appraiser
Email: pfsamora@rio-arriba.org

Sharon Pearson – Clerk Tech III/Personal Property Specialist
Email: sapearson@rio-arriba.org

Donald Valdez, Appraiser III
Email: 20davaldez@rio-arriba.org

Espanola Staffs

Bernadette Gonzales, GIS/Mapping Supervisor II
Email: BGonzales@rio-arriba.org

Toby Martinez, Chief Appraiser II
Email: timartinez@rio-arriba.org

Debra Jaramillo, Administrative Assistant II
Email: dpjaramillo@rio-arriba.org

Desiree Gurule, Clerk Tech IV
Email: dmgurule@rio-arriba.org

Pete Chiello Jr., Mapper/ Draft Person II
Email: PChiello@rio-arriba.org

Kevin Vigil, Appraiser I
Email: kvvigil@rio-arriba.org

Margaret Archuleta, Mapper Draftsman II/Appraiser
Email: maarchuleta@rio-arriba.org

Rio Arriba County Clerk’s Office Information

The duties of Rio Arriba County Clerk’s Office include serving as ex-officio clerk of the County Probate Court; Handling voter registration and administering elections; acting as ex-officio clerk to the Rio Arriba Board of Commissioners, creating and maintaining minutes of the board for permanent record; recording, filing and preserving all types of documents submitted for public and permanent record, i.e. deeds, mortgages, agreements, etc.; and issuing marriage licenses. Copies of marriage licenses are available from the County Clerk where the marriage license was issued. Copies of divorce decrees are available from the District Court where the court order was filed. Documents recorded in the County Clerk’s Office are public records.

A person who wants to inspect public records may submit a request to the records custodian orally or in a written request. A written request must contain the name, address and telephone number of the person making the request. The request must describe the records sought in sufficient detail to enable the records custodian to identify and locate the requested records.

Requests to inspect public records should be submitted to the following address:

Rio Arriba County Clerk’s Office
Linda J. Padilla, County Clerk
1122 Industrial Park Road,
Española, NM 87532
Phone: 505-753-1780
Fax: 505-753-1258


Emailed at public.requests@rio-arriba.org

For further information, visit the following link:

Rio Arriba County Clerk’s Office Website:

The mailing address of the Rio Arriba County Clerk’s Office is:

Rio Arriba County Clerk
P.O. Box 158
Tierra Amarilla, NM 87575

The physical address of the Rio Arriba County Clerk’s Office is:

Rio Arriba Archive Building
7th Main Street
Tierra Amarilla, NM 87575
Email: LJPadilla@rio-arriba.org
Phone: (575) 588-7724
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Espanola Office:
Rio Arriba County Annex
1122 Industrial Park Road
Espanola, NM 87532
Phone: (505) 753-1780
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Linda J. Padilla is the County Clerk of Rio Arriba County. She can be contacted at (575) 588-7724 or emailed at LJPadilla@rio-arriba.org

Rio Arriba County Clerk’s Office Staffs:

Sarah Garcia, Deputy County Clerk
Email: SGarcia@rio-arriba.org

Daniel L. Archuleta, Clerk Tech III (Espanola Office)
Email: DLArchuleta@rio-arriba.org

Kartina S. Salazar, Clerk Tech I (Tierra Amarilla Office)
Email: KASalazar@rio-arriba.org

Derric L. Romero, Clerk Tech I (Tierra Amarilla Office)
Email: DLRomero@rio-arriba.org

Erik Gutierrez, Clerk Teck I (Espanola Office)
Email: EGutierrez@rio-arriba.org

Kiara F. Avila, Clerk Tech I (Espanola Office)
Email: KFAvila@rio-arriba.org

Michele L. Jordan, Bureau of Election Chief (Tierra Amarilla Office)
Email: MLJordan@rio-arriba.org

Victoria N. Montoya, Bureau of Election Coordinator (Tierra Amarilla Office)
Email: Victoria@rio-arriba.org

Shanay M. Martinez, Bureau of Election Clerk Tech II (Tierra Amarilla Office)
Email: SMartinez@rio-arriba.org

Victoria N. Montoya (Tierra Amarilla Office)
Email: victoria@rio-arriba.org
Phone: (575) 588-7724 ext. 340

Rio Arriba County Clerk’s Office

Address: 1122 Industrial Park Rd, Española, NM 87532, United States
Phone: 505-753-1780

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