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Lookup Public Records in Carson City, Nevada. Including Vital Birth and Death Records, Deeds, Probate, Property Records, Mortgages, Liens, Judgments, Marriage Licenses, Voter Registrar, Payroll, Military Discharges.

Carson City, Nevada Overview

Carson City is located in the U.S. state of Nevada. The City was formed in 1969 and named after Carson River, named in turn for Christopher Houston (Kit) Carson, the frontier scout and soldier. According to the U.S. Census Bureau of 2016, the City has a population of approximately 55,274 people. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the City has a total area of 157 square miles of which 145 square miles is land and 13 square miles is water. Carson City borders the following counties: Washoe County to the north; Storey County to the northeast; Douglas County to the south; Lyon County to the east and Placer County, California to the west. Carson City has 10 zip codes. The zip codes are 89701, 89706, 89703, 89705, 89711, 89712, 89713, 89714, 89702 and 89721. The most populated zip code is 89701.

Carson City Assessor’s Office Information

The Assessor values all property subject to taxation. The Assessor is required by Nevada law to discover, list and value all property within the county. The property is assessed at 35% of its current appraised value. In addition to over 19,000 parcels of real property (land, homes, commercial buildings), the Assessor must value personal property of approximately 3,500 businesses from casinos to one person operations, over 3,000 mobile homes, 200 aircraft, and any other personal property which is taxable. The personal property taxes are collected by the Carson City Treasurers office. The Assessor does not make the laws which affect property owners, nor is the Assessor mandated by municipal code. The Assessor’s Office produces and publishes the most current and accurate information possible.

Property records are public records. To inquire about real/personal property data in Carson City online, visit the following link below:

Carson City Assessor’s Office Website:

The physical address of the Carson City Assessor’s Office is:

City Hall/201 N. Carson Street, Suite 6
Carson City, NV 89701
Phone: (775) 887-2130
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Dave Dawley is the Assessor of Carson City. He can be contacted at (775) 887-2130 or emailed at

Carson City Assessor’s Office Staffs:

Kimberly Adams, Chief Deputy Assessor (Certified in both Real and Personal Property)
Phone: (775) 283-7037
Fax: (775) 887-2139

Denise Gillott, Chief Appraiser (Certified in both Real and Personal Property)
Phone: (775) 283-7044
Fax: (775) 887-2139

Jeremy Saposnek, Property Appraiser (Certified in both Real and Personal Property)
Phone: (775) 283-7038
Fax: (775) 887-2139

Don Massow, Property Appraiser, (Certified in both Real and Personal Property)
Phone: (775) 283-7051
Fax: (775) 887-2139

Caron Machado, Personal Property Appraiser (Certified in Personal Property)
Phone: (775) 283-7054
Fax: (775) 887-2139

Ken Shannon, GIS Analyst
Phone: (775) 283-7404
Fax: (775) 887-2139

Rhonda Price, Office Specialist
Phone: (775) 283-7471
Fax: (775) 887-2139

Courtney Nicholas, Accounting Clerk
Phone: (775) 283-7426

Carson City First Judicial District Court Clerk’s Office Information

Nevada Revised Statutes 3.250 provides that the County Clerk shall be the Clerk of the Court of the county, and Article 4, Section 32 of the Nevada Constitution provides that the County Clerk shall be ex-officio Clerk of the Court of Record of the county. The County Clerk protects the judiciary from the appearance of impropriety or unfairness in the setting of cases, implementation of orders, or investment of funds.

All documents presented in a District Court cause of action must be received and processed by the Clerk. The processing of court documents involves record classification, assignment of case number, computerized docketing and manual filing of hard copy records. Records must be maintained, retained and purged in accordance with statutory time constraints, and required archival standards. The District Court Clerk maintains the official court record and receives for filing all documents in the felony or gross misdemeanor criminal, divorce, juvenile, probate, adoption, paternity, child support, and civil court cases in excess of $7,500.

The District Court Clerk is responsible for managing the records so they are easily retrieved for court use and public information. Records in the Carson City District Court Clerk’s office date back to the mid-1860s. The Clerk is the custodian of these permanent records and is responsible that these records are preserved and archived.

The District Court Clerk performs duties from the time a case is filed through disposition, appeal and ancillary proceedings that may occur for many, many years after judgment.

As the court’s agent, the Clerk collects statutory fees, fines, trust funds and support funds; maintains a trust account for monies received; and has established an accounting system for receipting and disbursing monies ordered by the court; and the Clerk-Treasurer further provides an investment plan for monies held.

Under the Constitution of the State of Nevada, the Clerk has the title of Ex Officio Clerk of the Court. This requires the Clerk’s presence at all court sessions for the purpose of receiving and recording court documents and exhibits; and to establish an independent record of court proceedings for the public.

The Clerk identifies and articulates the changing needs of the court record processing; of the storage, retrieval and disposal of documents, records and exhibits; and of the collection and accounting of court monies to ensure that the interests of the public and the county are secured.

In addition, accuracy and efficiency regarding indexing, posting, filing, preparation of writs or disbursements of funds are critical duties of the Clerk’s Office.

According to statutory requirements, the District Court Clerk gathers data and reports to many State and local agencies. This extensive reporting assists the County, the State and the Nevada Legislature to determine the proper operation of the courts, the effectiveness of the statutes and the need for changes.

The District Court Clerk is the officer of the Court in charge of the jury selection process for Carson City. Jurors are randomly selected by a computer system from a source consisting of the current voter registration lists, DMV lists, and utility lists from all the precincts in the city.

The physical address of the Carson City First Judicial District Court Clerk’s Office is:

Carson City District Court Clerk’s Office
885 East Musser Street, Suite 3031
Carson City, Nevada 89701-3031
Phone: (775) 887-2082
Fax: (775) 887-2177
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Honorable James T. Russell (Dept. I) and Honorable James Wilson (Dept. II) are the First Judicial District Court Judge of Carson City. They can be contacted at (775) 882- 1996 (Dept. I) or (775) 882-1619 (Dept. II) or emailed at (Dept. II).

Carson City Clerk-Recorder’s Office Information

The Recorder’s Office records all documents relating to real property in Carson City, Nevada. Documents such as, deeds, deeds of trust, notice of completion, leases, homesteads, federal tax liens, land maps, mining records, certified court documents and military discharges (DD214). All documents are entered into the Grantor/Grantee index by principal party’s names. Recorded documents are imaged as permanent record and the originals returned in approximately 3-4 weeks. Office staffs are not able to do searches for property history or on recorded documents. The Carson City’s Recorders Office does not have Notary Services available. Recorded documents and maps are public records and are available for public viewing at the office. To inquire about recorded documents at the Carson City Clerk-Recorder’s Office, visit the following link:

Carson City Clerk-Recorder’s Office Website:

The physical address of the Carson City Clerk-Recorder’s Office is:

Carson City Courthouse, First Floor
885 East Musser Street, Suite 1028
Carson City, Nevada 89701
Phone: (775)887-2260
Fax: (775)887-2146
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Susan Merriwether is the Clerk-Recorder of Carson City. She can be contacted at (775)887-2260.

Carson City Clerk-Recorder’s Office Staffs:

Linda Durkee, Deputy Recorder
Phone: (775) 887-2260

Cheryl Eggert, Records Management Systems Officer
Phone: (775) 283-7107

Tammy Hall, Records Support Technician
Phone: (775) 283-7417

Saundra Hatchell, Deputy Clerk
Phone: (775) 887-2087

Robin Houston, Deputy Recorder
Phone: (775) 887-2260

Jerry Lynn lde, Chief Deputy Recorder
Phone: (775) 887-2260

Kathleen King, Chief Deputy Clerk
Phone: (775) 887-2086

Jo Maxwell, Records Support Technician
Phone: (775) 283-7417

Courttney Nicholas, Accounting Clerk
Phone: (775) 283-7426

Elizabeth (Beth) Phelps, Deputy Clerk
Phone: (775) 887-2084

Public Meetings Division
Phone: (775) 887-2086

Recorder’s Office
Phone: (775) 887-2260

Records Management
Phone: (775) 887-2217

Aubrey Rowlatt, Chief Deputy Clerk
Phone: (775) 283-7333

Tamar Warren, Council and Commission Reporter
Phone: (775) 283-7112

Carol Wells, Deputy Clerk
Phone: (775) 887-2084

Sylvia Yasumoto, Deputy Clerk
Phone: (775) 887-2087

Carson City Recorder’s Office
City Government Office

Address: 885 E Musser St #1028, Carson City, NV 89701, United States
Phone: 775-887-2085

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