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Koochiching County, Minnesota Overview

Koochiching County is located in the U.S. state of Minnesota. The county was formed in 1906 and named after from the Ojibwe language Gojijiing (Place of inlets), which was the Cree name for Rainy Lake and Rainy River. The county seat is International Falls. According to the U.S. Census Bureau of 2013, the county has a population of approximately 13,206 people. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 3,154 square miles of which 3,104 square miles is land and 50 square miles is water. Koochiching County borders the following counties: Rainy River District, Ontario to the north; Saint Louis County to the east; Itasca County to the south; Beltrami County to the southwest and Lake of the Woods County to the northwest. Koochiching County has 14 zip codes. The zip codes are 56623, 56627, 56629, 56639, 56649, 56669, 56653, 56654, 56658, 56660, 55772, 56661, 55771 and 56668. The most populated zip code is 56649.

Koochiching County Recorder’s Office Information

The Koochiching County Recorder’s Office is mainly responsible for filing, indexing and recording all documents pertaining to real estate, liens against personal property, military discharges, notary commissions, deeds, mortgages, and state and federal tax liens. The Recorder is also responsible for maintaining birth and death certificates as well as marriage records such as marriage certificates, marriage credentials, and marriage licenses. All the records maintained by the Recorder’s Office are public and can be accessed through the iDoc Market website.

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The physical address of the Koochiching County Recorder’s Office is:

715 4th Street
International Falls, MN 56649
Email: pam.rooney@co.koochiching.mn.us
Phone: (218) 283-1193
Fax: (218) 283-1194

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Pam Rooney is the Koochiching County Recorder. She can be contacted at (218) 283-1193 or emailed at pam.rooney@co.koochiching.mn.us

Koochiching County Recorder’s Office Staffs:

Lindsay Frank, Deputy Recorder
Email: lindsay.frank@co.koochiching.mn.us
Phone: (218) 283-1193

Jan Hendrickson, Deputy Recorder
Email: jan.hendrickson@co.koochiching.mn.us
Phone: (218) 283-1193

Koochiching County Assessor’s Office Information

The primary responsibilities of the County Assessor’s Office are to estimate the market value and classifying all real property in the Koochiching County. According to law, the assessors are required to view each parcel of real estate to appraise its market value. Property values change continuously with changing economic conditions and numerous physical changes made to the property. All factors are considered in estimating the value of the property. This requires physical inspection of all property subject to assessment. The assessor also determines the classification or use of each parcel. For instance, the property may be residential homestead (owner-occupied), residential non-homestead, agricultural, or commercial. Each classification is taxed at a different percentage of the market value. These percentages are determined by the state legislature.

The physical address of the Koochiching County Assessor’s Office is:

715 4th Street
International Falls, MN 56649
Email: len.peterson@co.koochiching.mn.us
Phone: (218) 283-1122
Fax: (218) 283-1125
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Len Peterson Jr. is the Koochiching County Assessor. She can be contacted at (218) 283-1122 or emailed at len.peterson@co.koochiching.mn.us

Koochiching County Assessor’s Office Staffs:

Nancy Heibel, Assessor Clerk
Email: nancy.heibel@co.koochiching.mn.us
Phone: (218) 283-1122

Tracey Nelson, Appraiser
Email: tracey.nelson@co.koochiching.mn.us
Phone: (218) 283-1121

Email: stephanie.promersberger@co.koochiching.mn.us
Phone: (218) 283-1123

Susie Sohlman, Appraiser
Email: susie.sohlman@co.koochiching.mn.us
Phone: (218) 283-1124

Derek Lunser,Appraiser
Email: derek.lunser@co.koochiching.mn.us
Phone: (218) 283-1120

Koochiching County Marriage License Office
In order to obtain a marriage license in Koochiching County, the applicants must apply together, in person, at the County Clerk’s office. Both parties must present their state-issued picture ID, military ID, or passport, and know their social security number
State Law:Marriage License – Ch. 551, 551.101 – 551.111 and Barring of dower; antenuptial pecuniary provisions – Ch. 558, §558.16
All State Statutes: Information is online at the State Website
Office:Koochiching County Marriage License
Location:Koochiching County Recorder, 715 4Th Street, International Falls, Minnesota, 56649

Koochiching County Recorder’s Office
County Government Office

Address: 715 4th St, International Falls, MN 56649, United States
Phone: 218-283-1193

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