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Suffolk County, Massachusetts

Suffolk County is located in the state of Massachusetts. The county was formed by the Massachusetts General Court on May 10, 1643, and named after Suffolk, England, which means “southern folk.” The county seat is Boston, the state capital and largest city.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a population of approximately 767,254 people and a total area of 120 square miles, of which 62 square miles is water and 58 square miles is land, making it the second-smallest county in Massachusetts by land area and smallest by total area. Suffolk County borders the following counties: Essex County to the north, Norfolk County to the south, and Middlesex County to the west.

Francis ‘Mickey’ Roache is the Register of Deeds for Suffolk County as of 2015. The office of the Register of Deeds is responsible for maintaining a permanent public record of all properly drawn legal documents submitted by the public relative to real estate, including liens, certificates of title, surveyor and architect plans, deeds, mortgages, and other records as mandated by statute.

Records maintained by the Register of Deeds are open to the public and can be accessed by visiting the Register of Deeds’ office in person during office hours at 24 New Chardon Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02114 -9660. You will be required to present a written request before you can obtain copies of public records. Recorded land documents that are indexed and available at the Register of Deeds go back to January, 1973; however, the office is currently making improvements by scanning in recorded land documents that date back to January, 1830.

Alternatively, you can access public records by doing a background check online. To do a public records search online, you will have to visit the Suffolk County Register of Deeds Website. It is important to note that the Register of Deeds makes no guarantee or warranty concerning the accuracy or reliability of the content obtained from the website; it is the responsibility of the user to assess the accuracy of information obtained.

Suffolk County, Massachusetts

A tiny county located at the western edge of Massachusetts, Suffolk County is only 120 square miles with 62 of that being water. It is bordered to the north by Essex County, the south by Norfolk County and the west by Middlesex County. To the southeast and across the Massachusetts Bay is Suffolk County. Approximately 755,503 people lived in the county during the 2013 census. There are 35 zip codes in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, with the most populous being 02128, 02135, 02150, 02125, 02124, 02130 and 02151.

Suffolk County Officials Information

The Registry of Vital Records and Statistics is responsible for personal legal documents within the state.
Registry of Vital Records and Statistics
150 Mount Vernon St., 1st Floor, Dorchester, MA 02125
Phone: 617-740-2600
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Closed legal and county holidays

The Registry of Vital Records and Statistics documents and records information including marriage and divorce decrees and birth and death records. These documents are considered private, which means that they are generally only available to those that they are actually written about. In some instances, however, these documents can also be requested by others for genealogical and other purposes. Public and private records can be found through the online portal and records can also be requested directly through the office.

The Registry of Deeds is responsible for property related information, which is all considered public record. These documents include mortgages, liens, leases and deeds, which can be found through the online portal and are also available directly through the office, by in person request. The documents are public record, which means that they can be requested at any time and by anyone who wants access to them.

Suffolk County Court Information

Court records are generally considered public record once the case has completed and the records have all been filed. At that time, they can be requested by anyone and for nearly any purposes. These documents are then available through the online portal or they can be requested in person, during normal business hours.

Suffolk Registry of Deeds Office

Address: 24 New Chardon St, Boston, MA 02114, United States
Phone: 617-788-8575

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