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Dawson County, Georgia Overview

Dawson County is a county located in the state of Georgia. The county was formed in 1857. Named after William Crosby Dawson, the county seat is Dawsonville and it has a population of 22,330 as of 2010. The county has a total area of 214 square miles, with its land area encompassing 211 square miles, and its water area 3.6 square miles. The county consists of 5 ZIP codes, with ZIP code 30534 recorded as the one with the largest population. Moreover, Dawson County borders the following counties: Fannin County, Georgia to the north; Forsyth County, Georgia to the south; Hall County, Georgia to the east; Pickens County, Georgia to the west; Lumpkin County, Georgia to the northeast; Gilmer County, Georgia to the northwest, and; Cherokee County, Georgia to the southwest.

Dawson County Clerk Information

Kristen Cloud has served Dawson County since 2017 and assumed the role of County Clerk in January 2018. Appointed annually, the County Clerk is responsible for keeping records, maintaining and updating county codes, recording official minutes and corresponding on behalf of the Board of Commissioners.

Below is the physical address of the County Clerk:

Kristen Cloud, County Clerk
25 Justice Way, Suite 2235
Dawsonville, GA 30534
Phone: (706) 344-3501 x 42235
Fax: (706) 344-3889
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Dawson Clerk of Court Information

Civil Division

  • The Civil division is responsible for filing, processing, storing and retrieving civil records for Superior Court. This division also manages appeal records for Superior Court, mails court calendars to counsel and parties, prepares civil cost bills, and manages the adoption docket. All civil proceedings are scanned into the computer system. The basic costs for filing a civil complaint, domestic or non-domestic, are $215.00 Filing Fee, $50.00 per Sheriff’s Entry of Service and $50.00 Transfer Fee.
  • Criminal Division

  • The Criminal division files misdemeanor and felony criminal cases. This process includes filing citations, accusations, indictments and all relative pleadings. This division makes reports to various state agencies. These reports include traffic, GCIC reports and the reporting of prisoners to the Department of Corrections. Other duties include processing bond forfeitures and Grand Jury Presentments. All court pleadings, all superior criminal cases, warrants and jury lists are scanned. Applications for restoration of gun and civil rights, as well as applications for expungement are available in the Clerk’s Office. Instructions and frequently asked questions for expungement, as well as criminal history questions, are also available on the internet at www.ganet.org/gbi/crimhist.html.
  • Real Estate Division

  • The Real Estate division records all land transactions for Dawson County. Each document can be searched in the indexes by year and name. Land plats are also recorded in this division.
  • Juvenile Division

  • The Dawson County Juvenile Court is an independent juvenile court organized under Chapter 11 of Title 15 of the Official Code of Georgia. The Court is dedicated to serving the residents of Dawson County by hearing all cases involving allegations of deprivation of children under the age of 18, or unruly conduct, delinquency, or traffic violations concerning children under the age of 17 found within its jurisdiction. If, after adjudication, a child is found to be in need of treatment, rehabilitation or supervision to safely remain in the community, the court will provide access to high quality, appropriate treatment programs whenever feasible.
  • Jury Information

  • The Jury Information division submits names to the Jury Commissioners to be added to or removed from the jury pool, updates Traverse and Grand Jury pools periodically and summons jurors to court for jury trials. Jury Selection Clerks take jurors to the courtroom for the actual jury selection process. Their duties include: swearing an oath to jurors, reading verdicts, postponing or excusing jury service, keeping up with the number of days a juror serves and mailing their check after their service.
  • Passport, Trade Name Registration, Notary Public and Liens

  • The Clerk’s Office also accepts U.S. Passport applications. You must apply in person and have with you a certified copy of your birth certificate and current photo identification and two photos. The application for passport is available on travel.state.gov.

Use The Forms in the given site at your own risk: In no event will the Court Administrator, Clerk of Court or any person contributing to the development of these forms or instructions be liable for any damages resulting from the use of this packet. These forms may not be appropriate for your particular case. In addition, due to the changing nature of the law, the information in these instructions and forms may be or become outdated. You should review any statutes (laws) mentioned in the packets to make sure the forms are current. It is strongly recommended that you obtain the services of an attorney.

On the given link below, you are able to look for Case Records(Civil Search, Criminal Search). There are a lot of different types (such as Case number, Party Name, and etc.) in which you can search for your wanted records. The link is provided below.

Below is the physical address of the Clerk of Court:

Justin Power, Dawson County Clerk of Court
25 Justice Way, Suite 1302
Dawsonville, GA 30534
Phone: 706.344.3510
Fax: 706.344.3511

Dawson Tax Assessor Information

Questions about the given data are directed to the appraiser in your area. We suggest you contact the office by telephone to discuss specific property information.

The Dawson County Assessor makes every effort to produce the most accurate information possible. No warranties, expressed or implied are provided for the data herein, its use or interpretation. The assessment information is from the last certified tax roll. All other data is subject to change. The link is provided for you below. You may search by owner name, location address, parcel number, account number, legal information, or reprop key.

Below is the physical address of the Tax Assessor:

Elaine Garrett, Chief Appraiser
Tax Assessor’s Office / Property Evaluation Office
25 Justice Way, Suite 1201
Dawsonville, Ga. 30534
Phone: (706) 344-3590
Fax: (706) 344-1342
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Dawson, GA Genealogy and Ancestry Records
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, USA Counties Data File Downloads
Total Ancestries Reported 2005-200922,806
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - United States or American - 2005-20094,465
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Arab - 2005-200920
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - British - 2005-2009117
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Czech - 2005-200997
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Danish - 2005-200928
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Dutch - 2005-2009503
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - English - 2005-20093,117
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - European - 2005-20098
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - French (except Basque) - 2005-2009484
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - French Canadian - 2005-2009154
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - German - 2005-20092,884
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Greek - 2005-200948
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Hungarian - 2005-2009156
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Irish - 2005-20093,987
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Italian - 2005-2009564
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Lithuanian - 2005-200915
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Norwegian - 2005-2009104
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Polish - 2005-200969
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Portuguese - 2005-20090
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Russian - 2005-20094
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Scotch-Irish - 2005-2009498
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Scottish - 2005-2009418
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Slovak - 2005-200917
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Subsaharan African - 2005-200977
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Swedish - 2005-2009295
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Swiss - 2005-200988
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Ukrainian - 2005-200940
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Welsh - 2005-200974
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - West Indian (excluding Hispanic groups) - 2005-20090
Persons Reporting Total Ancestry As - Other Groups - 2005-20094,383
Dawson County Marriage License Office
In order to obtain a marriage license in Dawson County, the applicants must apply together, in person, at the County Clerk’s office. Both parties must present their state-issued picture ID, military ID, or passport, and know their social security number
State Law:Marriage – Title 19, Chapter 3 and Domestic Relations – Sections 19-3-62 to 19-3-64
All State Statutes: Information is online at the State Website
Office:Dawson County Marriage License
Location:25 Tucker Avenue, Dawsonville, Georgia, 30534

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